A few words in English:

Rural Report – Rede de História Rural em Português is an informal network of contacts which brings together all scholars interested in Rural History, working in Portugal, where it is based, or in other Portuguese-speaking countries.
The Network was created in February 2011 and it is primarily intended to establish a space for sharing information on activities and projects that directly or indirectly relate to the Rural History and other disciplinary approaches of rural studies. Since July 2012, RR is formally a section of SPER (the Portuguese Society of Rural Studies), though keeping its own identity and autonomy.
This network, despite a geographical scope that deliberately extends beyond Portugal and Europe, is also the Portuguese section of EURHO (European Rural History Organization), founded in September 2010 .
The Rural RePort organizes its scholarly meetings on a regular basis.
Since Rural RePort means “Rural History Network in Portuguese language”, we don’t translate the rest of this website…

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